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Youth Bee keeper


Sammy and his new bee suit

learning the bee process showing a beehive and our unpasteurized raw honey  which is chemical and pesticide Free.

Spring flower


Max reminding people of the importance 

of the dandelions for beehives to make unpasteurized raw honey  from please don't spray them all our bee's and

the brood need these as first feed and are the start for wild flower honey.

North of the 55th

 Bee Huts

 Our  Raw unpasteurized honey the boreal forest which is chemical and pesticide Free area and are on  Fire weed clover golden rod  and wild roses these flowers are some of the  flowers which make our wild flower raw honey.

Bees are Gardeners


The difference of having a beehive around  your garden can be the 

difference of healthy food 70 percent more for fruit and veg 

being produced or pollination unpasteurized raw honey which we make our healthy  products from. 

Welcome to Arctic Gold Honey 100% Raw Unpasteurized health food products raw honey

Raw Honey Frame

here is our unpasteurized wild flower honey frames of raw honey from the beehives of the boreal forest. 

Summer Hive


 A beehive is one of the best ways to have healthy food  can have over 

60,000 bees making unpasteurized products from raw honey from the boreal forest.

Wild Flower Honey

Raw Honey


Our unpasteurized Honey is produced in a  chemical and pesticide Free area of Northern Manitoba to make the best the true North can provide for raw honey.

Honey Bee's

The Honey Bees are Back

  1. 100% unpasteurized raw honey  from the boreal forest chemical and pesticide Free area.

Honey Bee's at work

Arctic Gold Honey is very proud to be in partnership with companies like Vale that support the efforts we do to promote a healthy environment for us all as well as the bees

 The best unpasteurized raw honey from the honey bees of the boreal forest.


Terpen products

our new unpasteurized raw honey terpenes health  products  made here in the boreal forest.

Small Business Craft Show


Raw honey  from Northern Manitoba the boreal forest Raw and Unpasteurized  with a huge taste of the wild flowers from the North.


Feed coming soon

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